Our Team

Alice Blue is a highly driven close knit group, creative to our core, who put our clients and their work first.
We owe our success to the amazingly talented individuals who concept, design, shoot, model, animate, edit, retouch, and produce the work each and every day.
We at Alice Blue consider it a privilege to share this journey, alongside each of you, to bring your concepts to life.

About Alice Blue

Alice Blue is an integrated production studio, focused on a collaborative approach to content creation. We value artistic talent and creative integrity and strive to bring a discerning eye to the discussion of the what and the how, at the beginning of a project when the idea is just an idea. We pride ourselves on eliminating layers of cost that reflect an antiquated workflow of years gone by, with no sacrifice to the end product. 

Partnering with agencies and corporations, as well as photographers all over the country, Alice Blue has created a national reputation for combining Design sensibilities, Photography, CGI and Post Production to create compelling engaging advertising for both the motion and print industry. 

Headquartered in Richmond, VA, our diverse talent pool have come from all over to work in a thriving creative environment. We hope to bring this collaborative team approach to you, and bring your vision to life.

“Alice Blue are true partners in the creative process, they listen carefully to creative direction, offer alternative ways of thinking about your problem and provide outstanding execution. I am always impressed with their work and fresh approach to every project I throw at them. Nothing shakes them. They always find a way to make the work amazing. Not only is their final craft outstanding but they can do stellar design work as well. So many times I’ve seen great ideas die due to a lack of internal ability and expertise. We all know how hard it is to visualize an idea for clients and Alice Blue can help provide that visual direction. They’ve saved my butt and more importantly an idea a number of times when we couldn’t get it right internally!”

John Hastings, Creative Director

“Working with Alice Blue was an amazing collaboration. From before the moment they arrived at the shoot, they saw the creative vision and worked seamlessly with the agency and photographer, injecting their expertise to lift the work to greater heights. Throughout the process, they used their flexibility and experience to solve problems and make the work even better.”

The team at minds + assembly

“The team at Alice Blue not only has stellar creative and design skills, but on top of that, they are amazing people and their genuine partnership is what makes the creative vision come to life. They work tirelessly to make sure everyone from the creative and client teams are happy with the end result, always with a positive attitude. Meredith and her teams are super organized in such a way that makes our job seem easy – we never have to worry if we missed something, because they’ve most definitely caught every last detail. They’re always open to collaboration and creative solutions; they are flexible and accommodating when unexpected turns pop up during production, and their number one goal at the end of the day is to make sure their clients feel confident and satisfied with the work they’re delivering. Alice Blue does exceptional work, the finished product is always beautiful and flawless, and the people are hard-working and kind-hearted individuals who are just fun to partner with. I recommend them for jobs whenever I have the chance 😉 ”

Mattison Becker, Art Producer

Alice Blue were instrumental in bringing the “Good Food Goes Bad” campaign to life. Without their shared passion for the idea and talent for creating memorable and charismatic characters, this campaign would have not been possible. The work reflects what is possible when you find a group of people who are willing to go to their limits to bring a vision to life. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner. Thank you!

Carlos Benitez / Edgar Casillas, CDM-New York

“Can’t be done” is a phrase Alice Blue doesn’t understand. On every project, they continue to amaze us with their skill,vision, and flexibility. We don’t consider Alice Blue a vendor—they’re a true partner, committed to creative excellence. The highest compliment we can pay them is this—they’re our first stop for any project that requires brilliance.”

The team at Fingerpaint

Without hesitation Alice Blue committed to take on a large scope of deliverables, not only pro-bono but also on an incredibly tight deadline. Throughout the duration of the project Meredith stayed in constant contact with me, often answering calls and emails well past work hours regarding progress updates, challenges, most importantly – solutions! Alice Blue as a team really went above and beyond to make this campaign happen in record time, and have been just the most collaborative, creative, and truly invested partners along the way.

Olga Zeltser - Link9